Feline Stoopid?

I had one of those moments the other day, when I realised what numbskulls we must appear to cats.

For a start, we don’t mark ANYTHING. I mean, how the hell are other people suppose to know it’s our car, or our door or our plant if we don’t rub against it? (name tag technology isn’t really part of this discussion….)

Then, we let just about anyone into our houses, whether they live there or not. Can you imagine the consternation it would cause if a strange cat arrived at the door and was granted entry? Ok, so these random intruders do leave again, but why let them in in the first place, would be the attitude of any self-respecting mog.

Conversely, we go just about anywhere without the benefit of carefully placed scent marks. We have NO idea who has walked round the car or through the gate or along the wall before us. It’s the cat equivalent of skipping across a minefield.

Untold numbers of us are terrified of the best toys in the world – mice and spiders.

We actively engage in fireworks displays.

We talk when we could sleep. We go running when we could sleep. We write when we could sleep (do I need to go on?)

We lock ourselves in glass boxes and turn on a hose. Then we don’t jump out and shake and start licking. No, we stand there and pour chemicals on our heads. Until we’re completely soaked (and soaped) and then some.

And finally, we spend hours doing…. stuff when we could be grooming. WHAT is that about?

But still, we must have some charms (see here for previous theories).

Or maybe we don’t.