Wow! Thanks!

I’m just back from Earl’s Court in London, and I just wanted to say an ENORMOUS thank you (with whiskers on!) to the readers of this blog who came to see us! It’s really nice to meet all those people who understand the value of a good Cat About the House!

Another thing that never ceases to amaze me is the number of men who find our cat cards funny – I’m not sure why I find it surprising. I just always think that women are more likely to like cats and men more likely to like dogs. Please feel free to correct me. This may be a totally mistaken assumption. Or maybe (as it is in our house!) men are more likely to resist the gentle, delicate advances of a cat in favour of the more robust and rambunctious nature of dogs. Logically, of course, I know that there are plenty of women who prefer dogs to cats, so statistically, the reverse may be true for men. Again, I’d be grateful if anyone can either support or dismiss these theories!

So, for now, it’s back to the mac. Parker has positioned herself between the keyboard and the screen as usual. An atypical cat and mouse scenario! If anyone is going to Spring Fair, we’ll be there too. Hall 3, QQ51. Will try to get some more new designs done to keep you amused – I’ll see how my furry bosses feel about it all at the weekend. Gotta work in with nap times, ya know! Sleepy cats do not make good models.