I Am a Cat

It’s ok everyone, calm down. It’s the title of the book I’m reading, in case you thought I’d  swallowed one too many cat hairs, or that Mojo was finally asserting his supreme right to blog.

As some of you may be aware, I am very influenced by many things Japanese, including art and poetry. This book is a Japanese literary classic (fortunately available in translation!) by Soseki Natsume. I’ve been threatening to read it for some time. And with my available book time, I will definitely be reading it for some time to come!

However, I just loved this quote and wanted to share it. The narrator, as the title hints, is a cat. A young, nameless cat, who has been given begrudging shelter in the household of a school teacher some time around the start of the last century. Herewith, my favourite passage so far:

And the three-coloured tomcat living next door is especially indignant that human beings do not understand the nature of proprietary rights. Among our kind it is taken for granted that he who first finds something, be it the head of a dried sardine or a grey mullet’s naval, acquires thereby the right to eat it. And if this rule be flouted, one may well resort to violence.

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