OK Clever-Clogs: First One to Guess Wins!

This evening I’m hard at work putting our latest Magic Mojo design together. So, I’ve decided a little guessing game might be fun….Hope I’m right!

So, here’s the thing, if someone can guess the title of the new Mojo design, based on the clues below, there will be a prize. Two dozen Magic Mojo cards, to be precise – your choice from our collection of 50! First correct answer wins. Spiders, I think you’re disqualified, for all kinds of reasons – but primarily cos you’re so brilliant…… :)

If you would totally hate to be the recipient of Mojo cards, then please pass this on to some people you don’t like. It would serve them right if they won.


This film is due to be released in June of this year.

It is by the undisputed favourite director of this household, ie, the human adults agree on the issue.

The film is not about cats, but a previous and related film by the same director did feature a cat, to great effect.

This film could really set the world on fire!

OK, so, you’ve probably got the name of the film by now. Knowing what you know about Mojo, what do you think ours is going to be called?

If no one has a clue (including those above) then let me know and I’ll try again. ;)