Blog Roll

Remember the great Blog Roll Disaster of 2011? Well, I’ve finally figured it out. D’uh….

But I just wanted you all to know that if you haven’t made it onto my blogroll yet, it’s not because we don’t scratch on your every post, but life here is punctuated by things like bleeding children, cat scraps, urgent phone calls and print emergencies. So I start on these things and it can take up to four hours to enter a link. This applies to other things too. Once, I stared making coffee at 7 am and finally got it a 3.23pm. I think that was a record, even for me.

So, fear not. The love is there. The blog is willing, but the blogger is weak….

Herewith, a new Bloggers Prayer:

Cod above (or below if you’re still alive), grant me the tenacity to link to the blogs I follow, the strength to finish linking to things I like and the memory capacity to remember to do so. Amog.