Now, let’s talk about Noms.

I think I may have caused a modicum of confusion inĀ  a comment on yesterday’s post about the cat food that’s not tested on cats, when I used the term Nom to mean food. I was sure that like LOL it was widely used, but on reflection, it may just be that I spend too much time on

If you haven’t been there, it’s well worth a visit. A bit hit an miss in terms of humour, as it is all publicly uploaded, but when it’s good, it’s EXCELLENT. My all time favourite LOLcat image has got to be:

And finally, I’m kinda torn on some aspects of LOLspeak, but I think that it would be daft to deny its ascension into the linguistic mainstream. Yeah, thanks twitter. Here’s a little clip from a BBC interview, detailing what can happen if you don’t know your LOLs from your TTFNs.

LOL speak on the up.

Now don’t say I never do anything to improve your minds!