Another one bites the dust….

“Mummy, Mummy! Quick! Stripey has a mouse in the house!”

….Oh great, I thought. Another half petrified thing to rescue before it finds its way under the cupboard and decides that’s a nice little nesting spot. But, no. Mr Stripey ┬áPants had actually finished the poor thing off before bringing him in to show us. He batted the (quite sizeable) mouse around proudly. He is SOOOOO wild. His instincts fascinate me. He can’t help wanting to kill things. I know this is true for most cats. They really only have the thinnest veneer of domesticity. The whiff of prey, and the veneer is gone. It’s one of the aspects of their nature that I suppose we struggle with a bit – these loving, affectionate, ruthless, killing machines. If I’m honest, it’s one of the things that I find most intriguing – they are so dichotomous, and at the same time, so non-dualistic. They just are.

Anyway, we’d seen Mr Stripey Pants sitting with his head under the wood store for the last few days. This was obviously why. Well, the mouse was already dead, so I thought what harm in letting him take it outside to play with. So what did he do. He ate the entire thing, minus the intestines, and then promptly threw it all up again, tail included. Children and cats do the most disgusting things…..and still we love them uncontrollably.

This is Mr Stripey Pants’ vigil by the wood store.

I expect that we will have a few more offerings over the next few days, though as he gets older, they become less frequent, thank goodness! Dead or stunned mouse is one of those gifts where it’s the thought that counts – and it would be ok if he just thought about it and then didn’t bother!