Small Cat Safari, Episode 2

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(background noise – scraping, squealing, sounds that might be a pig being slaughtered or a child having its face washed.) Narrator: Darkness has fallen in the leafy suburban jungle. While the younger tribesters are put to the communal sleeping are by a parent,  a member of one of the local tribes carefully perfects her bushcraft. These three-dimensional representations of stylised plants will be used in a strange ceremony known to the tribe as ‘creation’. But the tribeswoman is, for the moment, unaware of the amber eyes fixed on her every move, hidden in the tangled desk undergrowth.

Just as she uses her sharpened blade, mined from deep within a nearby hardware store, the vicious predator pounces. There is no warning, just the scattering of her work. Her alarmed cries make no impact on him. The predator is in no hurry. Tonight the poacher will turn gamekeeper and ‘help out’….

A little later, at the ‘creation ceremony’, another predator appears.

Toko: I’m so hungry I could eat an elephant….Huh? This wasn’t what I meant!

Toko: If I get indigestion from eating origami elephants, will eating paper grass make me feel better?

And this is what all the fuss was about – another design for our Origami Kit cards. And my mum thought art college was a waste of time…..;)