A spoonful of sugar….Popping Pills into Cats (or Dogs)

I was just reading about Oldcat’s ‘burrito’ pill-popping technique. There is an easier way. As you may or may not be aware, I pretty much have a season ticket for my local veterinary hospital. Last visit was to sort out this. So Mojo has been taking tablets for the last while. He doesn’t like this. His body is a temple etc etc. So to sneak past temple security, I have a couple of disguises that you might like to try next time you’ve gotta pop a pill in a cat. Or a dog. Don’t know if it will work on parrots.

Tecnhique 1, for smallish tablets: Take a piece of wafer thin ham and roll the tablet in it. trim off the edges so that it is bite sized. Hey Presto, cattypuss ingests tab without fuss. It you don’t wrap it well enough, you will get tablet magically left on the floor.

Technique 2, Small to medium tabs: Take a cube of roast meat, such as chicken or lamb etc, again keep it reasonably small. Make an incision in it, insert pill and hey, popso, in it goes.

Technique 3, Larger tabs: Grind the tab to a powder using a pestle and mortar (I keep one just for cat medication and another for food!) or if you don’t have one of those, wrap it in a bit of tinfoil (Aluminum foil if you’re American) and smash it with the end of a knife or a hammer or whatever you have to hand. Spread some of the ground tablet on a piece of the wafer thin ham and roll as before, making sure to keep it bite size and tightly rolled. Use more than one piece if necessary to deliver all the medication.

Even if you run a veggie household, it’s easy to pick up a packet of wafer sliced ham for this purpose. Normally sliced ham doesn’t work as well as it is too inflexible to roll properly.

If you have a multi-cat house hold, you’ll need to make sure you can either do this in private or have enough dummy pieces to hand out to everyone else.

This has worked for me with all my cats, and I’d never try it any other way these days.

Hope that helps someone!