Mojo is Half Squid

Ok, we’ve all known each other a while here, and if you’re just tuning in, sorry, you landed on a really out there post. But that’s cats for you.

So anyway, here’s the thing. As you may be aware, most of Mojo’s history is a mystery. He arrived with us about 8 years ago (for two weeks, we were told), and we know little else. Apart from that he does a good Elvis impersonation, likes to sleep on heads and coaches other cats round the world on his use of Mojovational techniques, of course.

But I’m beginning to suspect that there may be squid in his lineage. Every time we have a white duvet cover on (yeah, yeah, I KNOW…) we end up with inky black stains from his Moochiness. I can’t tell where they come from, but I know it’s him. First person to suggest it’s his carpurrettor gets barred for life. It’s bad enough with me punning round here.

So ‘fess up. Does anyone else have an ink leaking squat (squid cat). Or is this what makes him special?