No Longer Bald-earred

A lot of people have been using search terms relating to the baldness of cats ears and ended up here.

My cat went bald about the ears for a while. I thought it was old age, as there were no signs of infestation, skin infection or anything else. Then, just as mysteriously as the hair had disappeared, it reappeared. Weird. No more bald-eared cat. I still can’t work out what happened.

So, if your cat has bald ears, and you can’t see any signs of anything wrong, then it may pass. Do check with your vet though if you have any reason for concern.

Bald-earred cat?

Ok, here’s another one. Do cats’ ears go bald with age? I remember once hearing a segment on BBC Radio Ulster and the guy was joking about having discovered a new breed, which he was calling the Balduggan Bald Earred cat. Basically, his cat was getting on, and its ears went bald. Is this a known phenomenon? Mojo’s ears are going bald. We don’t know how old he is. (There are many things we don’t know about him!) He doesn’t have any mites or anything. Just balding ears.