Small Cat Safari

I keep feeling like David Attenborough or Steve Irwin will pop out from around the wardrobe door offering their unique commentary on our current ‘pride’ dynamic.

Steve: “Crikey, wot a beaut! Just look at those pritty maerkins ¬†on Toko’s hoind ligs!”

David:”And here….comes Parker. The undisputed matriarch of this…… domestic pride…..she certainly has issues with these interlopers……as she does with….everyone and everything, except Deirdre and food.

Steve: “Oooh! Watch out young Toko! Paerker’s not afraid to dish out a good soyde-swipe. Crikey, that’s gonna sting!”

David: “Indupitably….. And while the rest of the pride sleeps….. restfully, this stand off becomes…… a fluff off as young Toko shows us what she’s made of. And that….. appears to be…… fluff.

Next week: Richard Attenborough stands in for David and resurrects the sabre-tooth tiger from a drop of flea blood preserved for millennia in a rather attractive lump of amber. Watch Parker’s reaction to this new addition to the pride. Bring popcorn.

But seriously…What a week! I’ve always thought that living with cats is like the most amazing wildlife show, but it gets so much more interesting when you introduce a new cat. Or in this case, two. But exciting as it is, I think once every ten years is my limit for this particular kind of safari!