Not Tested on Animals – whathaf..

So, I’m thinking of switching cat food brands. (you can read this in a happy advertising voice if you like. It may add to the overall experience). In a multi-cat household, I need to be sure my furry ones are getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals, regardless of their age or temperament…yeah, I’m lookin’ at you Stripey!

So I found this little company that seems to take its petfood manufacture pretty seriously. But, and this is where I become a little bit puzzled (like Parker when she finds that it’s raining outside both the front door AND the back door), they don’t test it on animals. Now, I’m wondering, exactly how you get to develop a product designed for animals to eat, without testing it on them. You know, like fo’puss groups. Where they put four cats in a room to see which dish they like.

OK, mascara, paracetamol, washing up liquid, these things I can understand that it’s good not to test them on animals. But cat food? What do they test it on? Photocopiers?