Ginger Trauma All Round

It’s been a bad week for the Ginger Mogs. As I speak, Mr Stripey Pants is at the vet’s, waiting to have a bit of a toe removed. He managed to somehow twist a claw a few weeks back. The claw repaired itself just fine, but somehow managed to leave a big annoying lump for Mr SP to worry. I took him to have it investigated, thinking it was some kind of feline ingrown toenail, but it turned out to be a type of calcified tissue, which they biopsied and removed most of. But it’s back to nearly the same size a couple of weeks later, so now the vet is talking about removing part of his toe, as the lump is a chronic infection that they can’t get rid of. I’m quite torn about how to decide which action they should take – remove the single claw and put him on a long course of oral antibiotics in the hope that it will clear up or else, remove a small part of the bone and clear it for sure. The stress of the ongoing nature of the first option makes me think that option two is more attractive  – but what about residual pain from such and amputation. It won’t affect his balance or mobility at all, and he’ll still have all but one of his back claws for climbing and destruction, but still…….I just don’t want him to have any long term pain.

Then there’s poor old Zizou, who totally terrified himself this week by managing to get his lower jaw under his collar. Brian & I scooped him up to release it, but he was so stressed out by this alien thing in his mouth that clawed and scraped like a wild cat. I have never seen such a frightened animal. It nearly broke my heart. It took him a full 24 hours to get over the fright. He hardly purred or played all day yesterday. However, he’s totally over it now, swooping, diving, climbing and playing the new favourite game: Potato football. Can you tell we’re in Ireland!