Roaming Patterns of the Average Moggie

Cat Cams & GPS Track 11 UK House Cats on Their Rounds

I haven’t seen the Horizon Cat Cam programme yet, but for those of you who don’t have the BBC, here’s a taster of how it goes.

Basically, they put little micro-cameras on a group of domestic kitties and tracked their movements to see what their territory was and how much ground they covered.

I interrupted Stripey mid-roam the other day and asked him what he was doing and why he was on the other side of Cyprus Avenue. He did a miaow that must have lasted 7 seconds, and finished with a definite tone of ‘So, let me get on with it, human!’

Hope this will tell me something about what I interrupted!


Retirement Present for a Cat?

So, what do you get the cat who has everything? The occasion is Stripey’s official retirement.

“Huh?” I hear you ask.

Well, I recently spent some time at a trade show. And on my return, I found that the status quo had definitely changed. It was subtle, yet distinctive. There were still five cats, but the pecking order was different.

For thirteen years, Mr Stripey Pants has ruled the roost with a velvet fist. He was the biggest. The strongest. The street-smartest. The bad-assest. He may still be one or more of those things, but the tide has turned.

No longer is his the first nose in the bowl. No longer does a path through the tangle of cats open as he approaches.

There’s a new sheriff in town.

His name is Zizou.

NF109 Good Bad Furry 2

Memory test!

Ok, wordpressers! As you all know, I have the memory of a gnat. A hormonal gnat. Now, I know I know the answer to this, but it’s fallen down behind the sofas of my mind. Here’s the question:

Who is the blogger who did that amazing picture of Usakya flossing her nose? I’m pretty sure that’s not even the correct title, so extra points for the person who knows what the hell I’m on about :)


Mars Rover


Mars Rover

After many years of dedicated research, careful study and innumerable unfortunate outcomes, Purfessor Fritz Von Katz confidently estimates that the Mars Rover has a 1 in 780 chance of success. The Blasted Dog will go down in history. Well, what goes up MUST come down, as they say. But do not let me detract from the gravity of the occasion. And let me know if you Laika dis piktur. :)
PS – Is it just me, or does the Purrfessor’s beautiful assistant look a teensy bit like Rumpy Dog?

Parallel parking epic, Fitzroy Avenue Belfast.


This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Totally un-cat-related. Five lads (guessing they’re students, from the location) give a running commentary on the worst, most stubborn parker ever (who does happen to be female…). Ok, avert your ears if you are sensitive to the odd expletive and some good-natured banter. But, to be fair, it’s pretty tame for a gaggle of Belfast students. You may need subtitles….

Space Admiral ‘Butterfly’ Catzer


Space Admiral 'Butterfly' Catzer

They’re coming thick and fast this week. Here’s another Steampuss design, for your delectation. Or otherwise. Up to you.
And if you’re wondering why he’s wearing an early flying helmet instead of a space helmet, it’s cos he’s tough….tough as nails.