The Curse of the Blogroll Strikes Again

Some of you may already know of my disastrous history with the blog roll.

Well, it’s happened again. Just a slightly different variation on the disaster this time.

Some time after the first disaster, I managed to actually start building a blogroll, which was a painfully slow project for me. There really should be an ‘add to blog roll link’ in the ‘blogs I follow section’. If there is, for the love of cod, could someone please tell me about it? Or if WordPress has a Big Brother, could he mention it to them?

Anyway, today, I had a brief dalliance with a beautiful blog theme called Oxygen. However, it didn’t last. Irreconcilable differences (of picture orientation). We parted company, but somehow, Oxygen got custody of my hard-won blog roll.

Sometimes life throws you curve balls. Sometimes it blogs your rolls.

The Multi-Cat Household: Pros & Cons

Welcome, readers, to a new mini-series entitled…well, you did read the title before you started reading the post didn’t you? If not, shame on you. Go back to the top and start again. Don’t make me come over there…..

This series will focus on the pros & cons of living in a multi-cat household. Well, what did ya think it was going to be about? Knitting? (though wool may feature in one of the posts. Not sure yet).

The first topic I will tackle is what I like to call the Five Cat Salute.

Sometimes, I wonder how my house got so full of cats. They seem to be everywhere. Earlier, I looked round and there were four sitting watching me. Sometimes, they are clumped together, say three on our bed or one on the stairs and one at the top. Sometimes they are evenly spaced around the house. Which ever way you cut it, there’s a lot of cats.

I am seemingly incapable of passing a cat without greeting it. Here begins my problem. On the rare occasions I leave my desk, say to get a book from the shelf up stairs or something, I run the gauntlet of cats at their various posts around the house. So, for instance, I leave the office, and bump into Stripey on the way. He’s just burst through the cat flap, so we have a moment. Then I proceed up the stairs where I find Parker lying in the sun at the top. I lie on the stairs and we have a moment. Then, when I look in the kids’ room , Zizou is there looking irresistable, so we have a moment. Mojo, resting on our bed, can’t be left out, so we have a moment. And there’s Toko, under the ironing board, so I have to climb under it to ….have a moment. Some days, I get lucky and there’ll be three of them together on the bed. That’s a real time saver.

I have run some calculations, and estimate that cat greeting occupies at least 34 hours of my time each year, broken down as follows.:

(Approx 8 journeys around the house each day) x (an average of 3.5 cats) x (12 seconds greeting / snoothing per cat)  = 2,044 minutes of cat greeting per annum.

This does not include time spent playing with or grooming or sitting with cats. This is just greeting.

Analysis: Multi-cat household does not equal most efficient model possible.

Caveat: I don’t know if I worked out the minutes right. But it’s a lot.

What do I do???

I have a strong suspicion that my neighbour would like to poison my cat (Mr Stripey Pants, not Mojo, who is a complete gentleman). Apparently he (Mr SP) finds her freshly dug flower beds irresistable (she and her husband are retired and have little else to do other than make sure their flower beds are freshly dug at all times, and in perfect cat-pooping condition). She stormed, no THUNDERED across the road to me yesterday to tell me I had to ‘do somthing about that cat’. What exactly am I supposed to do? Seal his bum? Not to mention that he’s one of about 15 cats living within 100 yards of her garden.  I offered to come and scoop the poop, but unfortunately, a resolved problem offers her no mileage for complaint. Let’s face it, there are people who like to complain more than to problem-solve. So, ever the peace maker, I’ve ordered some of that Silent Roar lion dung deterrent (should I gift wrap it?).  No doubt, it won’t work in her garden…..but we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it. And

A Ginger Mog is a Friendly Mog

Mr Stripey Pants - Butter wouldn't melt?

in this post-Mary Bale world, I think I’ll be checking my bins in future too!

Confession 1

My name is Deirdre, and I’m a cat-aholic.

It’s been 14 minutes since I last kissed a cat.

I used to tell people that I had 2 and a half cats, cos three just seemed a little excessive. By that I mean, two is ok, but you’re really letting the cat out of the bag (so to speak) if you say you have three. There is no hope that you could ever be anything other than a confirmed cat person with three. So I look forward to an old age, doting over my feline friends, courting controversy all the while…..You know what I mean – cat-aphobes, dog lovers, the occasional farmer…..

This blog has been prompted by the fact that I have suddenly realised the truth in the statement that dogs have owners and cats have staff. Well, let me correct my earlier statement: Three cats have me.

I am their caterer, cleaner, health care facilitator and now, their business manager.

This is my story….