Emergency Service

last night at 10 pm, Mojo came to the side of my chair (as he does) and looked up to me and did his most pitiful ‘Meeeeeeeeewwwwwww’, signalling that he wanted to eat. I nearly fell off the chair when I saw his eye – it looked like it had been sliced right through. Scrap, I guess. 10 minutes later, I’d consulted with the out of hours vet and was on the way to get it checked out. Eyes cannot be left any length of time without being seen to. Apparently, the lack of circulation in the cornea makes it particularly susceptible to the rampant bacteria in the average cat claw. Ok, if you’ve just been kissing your cat DO NOT THINK ABOUT THAT.

So, eye dye, thermometer in bum, needles etc etc and a fingers crossed sort of dismissal later, Mojo came home. He’s got a punctured something or other in the corner of his eye, and we have all available extremities crossed in hope that it won’t fester. Cos that’s his good eye.

Ah, the joys of cats. Coming soon, The Five Cat Salute: Inefficiency in the Multicat Household.

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15 thoughts on “Emergency Service

  1. Oh no! Only good part is that you’re attentive and noticed right away. Hope he’ll be okay. Was that in the corner of his eye, or the cornea? Hoping for the first one. You’re very conscientious about spelling, but I’m worried that you were stressed and typed it wrong.

    • Corner – -meant corner. When I saw the problem it did look like a flap had been sliced off the cornea, but fortunately that turned out to be a blood clot or something making the light reflect in a strange way. He looks much better tonight, but I’m pretty sure his toe is going to require surgery – as they say about the vet, abscess makes the heart grow fonder.

      • Thanks for the explanation and update. I figured I had it wrong but was concerned enough to ask. His toe, too? Poor dear. I’ve only ever had one cat with an abscess and it made my wallet grow thinner, for sure.

  2. EEEK…sure hope that eye gets better SOON and the toe as well. Poor guy – no wonder you got that pitiful MEEEEEEOWWWWWWW – instead of “feed me” I guess it was “HELP ME!!!!!”…….paws/fingers/toes, etc. crossed that all is well in short order.

    Pam and Sam

  3. OK, Mojo… It sounds like you got lucky this time. But maybe you should think about settling down a little. You know – spend more time around the house, avoid scuffles with neighborhood youngsters looking to expand territory, lounge more, learn to appreciate cuddles and living the life of a spoiled celebrity cat… It might not sound perfect to you, but it beats car rides and thermometers in the bum!

    • Pedro, I was attacked, I tell you. Why does no one believe that I was the injured party (literally) in this encounter? Do I give off such a macho feline vibe that people think I go out of my way to pick fights? I have a world to dominate! I don’t have time for territory issues! But having said all that, tell me more about this ‘lounging’ whereof you speak? It sounds enchanting! Sincerely, Mojo Cat

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