Mojo’s Mews Headlines

Magic Mojo’s been up to his tricks again. Here’s his latest adventure – 1/2 page coverage in the Sunday Mirror. Mojo got more news coverage than the Titanic Centenary!

Magic Mojo - a tail of fame and furriness. It'll make you laugh, cry and wonder if I really said that. Poor beegee man though.

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21 thoughts on “Mojo’s Mews Headlines

    • Thanks Sammy, it’s hard work slaving over a hot keyboard all day, especially when there’s a cat queue waiting their turn to sit on it…or me! But we struggle on. It’s a labour of fluff. :)

      • Spoilsport! Actually, the reporter in that piece made a spoken grammar error on my behalf….I read it and worry that people will now think I really speak like that! Maybe she was trying to make me sound normal? Seems to be general consensus that I’d need that kind of assistance :)

      • methinks that reporter was wrong — we like your un-assisted assistance that makes me laugh and groan, and even wrack my brains for a proper response!

        Oh wait–you know I wasn’t correcting your grammar, right? Just tryin’ to keep up with your young and quick brain, child!

  1. When I seen this, I was so happy for you! *giggle* I think I’m too late to get a copy now, I’ve been playing cat-ch up today as I didn’t read a lot of blogs over the weekend. Look what I missed! Congratulations – hope it brings some business your way!

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