Tags. Do ya like Tags?

You may recognise the title of this post as a reference to Brad Pitt’s fantastically funny performance as a bare knuckle Irish gypsy boxer in Snatch. He’s actually asking a guy if he likes dogs, but he pronounces it ‘dags’ . Well worth watching.

So that’s my digression out of the way. Back on topic. Which is actually search terms. I love seeing how poor, unsuspecting people end up here on Confessions of a Catwoman. I mean, clearly, most of them were aiming for somewhere else entirely. Today for instance, one of the search terms was in Arabic. Seriously. Arabic. فيلم المرأة القطة Isn’t that amazing? Is it Arabic? Does anyone know what it means? Now, of course, I have absolutely zip idea what they were actually searching for, but what they got was a load of furballs.

My all-time most used search term is Cats with Bald Ears (or variations on that theme). It’s clearly a common problem. Weird huh? And recently, one that’s cropped up a lot is iMac Cat Bed. It is a classic image – found it on BitRebels. Love that site.  A business opportunity for the entrepreneurial recycler, I think. And look, if you’re reading whoever you are who made this clever clever thing, Mojo is happy to talk terms for international whatever. He has quite a sales base, you know!

Oh, yeah. We'll be needing five of those please. Just make sure one is Aqua.

One search term from today jumped out at me. It was quite a long search term. Here it is in full:

what does “dogs have owners and cats have staff” mean

Wow. Ok. It looks like there’s still someone out there who doesn’t realise: Cats Rule The World. They pretend they’re napping. But they’re controlling everything you do. Every street light. Every ATM. Every weather forecast. The whole tin opener thing is so you’ll FEEL superior. Nice touch, isn’t it? “Ah,” as Father Ted might say, “Sure they’re pure brillant.”

One thought on “Tags. Do ya like Tags?

  1. Aaaaa! I SO want to talk about the weird ways people find me, but I never do. The new thingie where they say where in the world someone came from seems to only serve as a way for me to know I need to check my spam filter for dead leaves and frogs. Didi ever tell you the worst insult I’ve had since I moved to Ireland was one night in Dublin when someone said I sounded like Tom Criuse in Far and Away? I was devastated. I hear Mayo accentsall the time so don’t mimic it, but take me elsewhere and I can’t help myself, I mimic. Not a great habit to have when talking to a group of African-Americans…ha!

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