Samson & Delilah in the Case of The Great Whisker Cat-astrophe….

Delilah - Moments after the crime was discovered. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Samson - the injured party.

Picture it. Sleeping cat. Four year old with a paper scissors.

Do I need to explain further?

To be fair, Zizou slept right through the whole business, and doesn’t even seem to have noticed that he now has designer stubble….

Four year old was suitably horrified when he realised the extent of the clipping – he just kind of got carried away. Even did the eyebrows. Boy, did he bawl his eyes out when he was discovered. Zizou even slept through that. Cats.


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27 thoughts on “Samson & Delilah in the Case of The Great Whisker Cat-astrophe….

  1. Yikes. Well, it looks like your four-year-old is suitably repentant. When I was his age, I contented myself with cutting My Little Pony hair. When my grandmother was taking care of our cat Ramses while we lived in China, she used to trim his whiskers because she thought they were too long. We tried to explain that whisker-trimming is not necessary for felines.

    I keep sneaking looks at the photo. I wonder how long before they grow back? You’ll have to document the process. Did he get both sides?

    • You should have tried to keep a straight face for long enough to scold the four year old. Daddy just collapsed in a heap…. I think we feel far more like it is a mutilation than poor Zizou does. He just doesn’t care, fortunately!

  2. Oh crumbs! I suppose some will grow ahead of others as I know cats moult their whiskers, but not a good look!
    My grandparents’ cat always had trimmed whiskers from their labrador cleaning up around her face!

    • Hello Isobel and/or Cat. We had our suspicions that he previously trimmed some of Toko’s, but it didn’t leave her with designer stubble….Still, the good news is that they DID grow back. He looks quite Robert De Niro now…Seems to be a phase of that in our house right now…

  3. Purely in the name of science, would you let us know if Zizou gets stuck in anything while his whiskers are short? I’ve always wondered if that’s just an old wives’ tale…

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