Now He Needs an Eyebrowectomy (Pics – you’ve been warned)

The Stripey Saga continues. This is how he looked by the time he was due for a check-up today, which we duly went for.

Vet looked, poked and said it seemed ok, then took him off for a more indepth poke and said it wasn’t ok after all and that she’s going to have to cut a lemon in his face.

Me: That doesn’t sound very safe. Why not use a cutting board. And moreover, the lemon juice will sting his wound.

Vet: I won’t be using an actual lemon for this procedure. It’s more a lemonalagy for the shape he’ll be left without by the time I head  for my G&T with a slice of lemon.

Me: Stripey lemon?

Vet: No, lemon lemon. Ok, go home now and give me three days to remodel your cat into a cocktail.

Me: ……..

This conversation does not reflect the actual words that anyone used at any stage during this consultation.

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9 thoughts on “Now He Needs an Eyebrowectomy (Pics – you’ve been warned)

  1. Egads my scroll finger was just not fast enough on the “Read Blogs” page and there right in my face! Stripey-pants open wound! Eeek! Remind me to squint next time.

  2. Poor Stripey… just know he’s got to be miserable with that huge wound on his little head and that collar he needs to wear. Bless his heart. I sure hope the doc can get all the bad tissue OUT so he can heal and be back to his old self again – no doubt you feel the same – especially having to wake up to that every morning! So sad.

    Pam (and Sam, who couldn’t bare to look)

  3. Amazed. I was anticipatorily cringing and squinting and all that hoo-hah wasn’t even necessary — my guardian angel made sure the photo wouldn’t read on my copy. So I got to laugh at the dialogue scream-free. So sorry you don’t have the option first thing in the morning. Garg. Sounds awful.

    • Every cloud has a silver lining ;) I quite like an analytical pic of things like this – not gory film style, just matter of fact. Was always quite fascinated by life’s physical make up.

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