Pet Rescue, Thailand

No Pet Left Behind

Thailand left a deep impression on me. I think this sort of thing reflects very well why it did.


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3 thoughts on “Pet Rescue, Thailand

  1. I could not say this kind of magnificent effort in the USA leaves me with the kind of impression I’m hearing Thailand was for you. In so many ways, as is so unfortunately known and felt around the world, the USA is brutality itself. Yet even so — there were many, many people here who responded to the similar situation occurring in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. I wish you could see, on-line, the episode of the show PBS (our version of BBC) did on the subject. Unfortunately, there’s just a written introduction to the episode, at this link:

    But you can perhaps see, from the comments viewers left there, how utterly heart-stoppingly wrenching the story was.

    I’m glad you’ve reminded me of this. I remember it vividly. There was a lot of joy in the story too.

  2. America is many things. So is everyone and everything. Don’t be so hard on home! Remember, the goal of the universe is entropy. There is no reason to think the world could buck the trend!

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