Hairballs: The Sequel

So, for those of you anxiously waiting for news of Zizou’s first hairball, I’m afraid I can’t give you any definitives. All I can say at this point is that, to my knowledge, no hairball has yet been produced. However, he has stopped heuuuucching. This leads me to a few potential conclusions:

One: He’s ejected it outside somewhere

Two: He’s placed it in a discreet location within the house, to be discovered time-capsule-like, several days or years from now

Three: He’s withholding it until he considers us unprepared to receive it.

Fingers crossed for option 1.

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13 thoughts on “Hairballs: The Sequel

      • I LOVE that game. Maybe there should be a cat version. Mewdo or something. Colonel Pusstard. What are the other names? Miss Scarlet, Rev Green, Mr Black….who else? What would be good feline alternatives? Think the scratching post would make a good weapon.

      • A loaded litter box…..would strike fear into the heart alright! Could the furball be a weapon? Or any regurgitated stuff for that matter?

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