For my American Friends….

This is ALL you need to know about British Politics. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing….

An introduction to the cat-related complexities of the British political system

What a saga!

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5 thoughts on “For my American Friends….

    • I get that feeling all the time but it’s generally with things like: “I have NO idea how that cracker got into my pocket” or “I cannot recall putting a Dora the Explorer colouring book in my briefcase before this meeting.” Fortunately, the kids haven’t yet tried to lumber me with a cat on one of my rare excursions!

  1. Thank you. I’m always curious about the political basis of other governments. (yikes!) Poor kitty.

    I’m sorry to tell you that Britain is not a winner in this contest of stupid stuff our paid servants do, but we may grant you a ribbon for effort. The US really is at the top of that list. (Waaaaah!)

    The BBC, however, may get a prize for the most inane story of the day. I get most of my news from the BBC…. hmmm….

    Ooo, a contest–“hello out there, how dumb and puerile are YOUR governmental reps?” Maybe SOMEONE with a large following (ahem!) could have that contest!

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