Big Cats, Bob Cats, Hairy Cats, Scary Cats

Seeing Wazeau’s wonderful post today reminded me of something. There’s a plan afoot to trap a wild cat this Christmas.

Let me fill you in on a little background. We quite often holiday with friends from Switzerland. Sometimes they come to us, sometimes we go to them. What with the novelty of our place in Slovenia, they’re coming to us for the second year running. (Truth be told, we owe them a few holidays!). So last year, amongst the many species we spotted in the garden (the place is well stocked with deer, wild boar, little snaky things – you name it!), I saw  what became known as ‘the wildcat’. I don’t think it was a true wild cat, but it certainly had a bit too much attitude (and hair) to be domestic. So I think it was a well seasoned feral.

However, it captured the imagination of the children (our friends also have two, very similar in age to ours.) and their eldest immediately (6 at the time) started tracking its paw prints and planning to capture it with  – wait for it – a piece of stale bread, tied to a length of rope that he had had the foresight to bring with him from Switzerland.

The plan, as you might well imagine, failed. But not without providing much entertainment. As soon as it was decided that we would all return for Christmas this year, the new and improved plans to trap that elusive wildcat started flying back and forth. The Swiss Army (now age 7) sent this drawing:

Cat Trap Model 2011 Copyright T Lutz.

It’s patented, you understand. Any infringement will be dealt with! As you can see from the detailed drawing, it will take five people to bring this baby down. The team hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m assuming….or hoping, that I will be one of the Chosen Ones. Though since there are four kids and any of the other adults would probably be more useful than me, maybe my hopes are misplaced.

You will notice that prior to the capture, we will have to dig a hole between two trees and cover it with a net type device. Or maybe it will spring up between the two trees once a trip wire has been released…Actually, I need the team leader to go through it with me in a bit more detail. Also, I’m not sure if the bread crumb represents a viable part of this year’s plan, or is merely a reference to last year’s efforts.

Either way, Tara thinks that the whole strategy would benefit from the addition of sardines and possibly some wild mice. Sardines will obviously be quicker. Here are her suggestions:

Suggested Amendments to Wild Cat Trap 2011 Model, T. Morrison

So, I’ll keep you posted on the R&D stage of this exciting venture. And you’ll here it here first (unless you get the Slovene papers) if we catch it.

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9 thoughts on “Big Cats, Bob Cats, Hairy Cats, Scary Cats

  1. Incredibly, unspeakably cool post!! Let me count the ways. Hi-tek trap. Slovenia. Sardines. Way way way exciting. I’m coping with my own excitement here (see earlier post), MOPE, WAY not as cool as this thrilling post, so more later. When (relative) (comparative) sanity (don’t make me laugh) returns. Paws crossed, that is.

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