Alternative Point of View

SIS!!!!!!!! QUICK!!!!!

What? What?

She’s doing it again. I couldn’t stop her.

Oh, no…..Get her out! GET HER OUT!!!!

What do you think i’m TRYING to do? Do you think I’m trying to break this door down for the fun?

Ah, it’s too late. She’s all wet. WHY do they do this?

No idea. And it’s even worse what they do to the younger ones. Did you see? They were in it UP TO THEIR WAISTS. I mean, they’re fine most of the time, but that’s totally barbaric. Oh, here, she’s getting out now. Quick, I’ll do one leg, you do the other.


Tongue bath ensues,  as Toko and Zizou try to protect me from the infernal shower and its after effects…..Never fails to bring out the feline heroes in them.


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