The cats who changed my life.

Life, at the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump, is like knitting – the great pattern of destiny, with a few dropped stitches in between.

Everything I do today can be traced back to someone that I never met, and am reasonably sure I wouldn’t like.

More years ago than I care to remember, that person dumped two tiny kittens in a bag in my garden. I had no previous experience of cats, but who could resist two helpless kittens? So, in a strange way,  I owe a great debt to the callous actions of a stranger.

Here’s a picture of them. They were called Mottley & Smog. As Smog’s personality developed, he took on the moniker Smoggo McDoggo. He was such a beautiful, calm creature.

Mottley was shy and retiring. She loved sitting in the neighbour’s bird house. If the early bird catches the worm, then it was Mottley’s plan to catch the early bird. I don’t think she ever succeeded.

Then came Suma. Wow. Talk about an intellect. She was the sort of cat that if you found her with a pen and a sheet of graph paper working out pi to the 40th decimal place, you wouldn’t be in the least surprised. Not that you could tell from this picture.

Then, Kipper. Oh! Kipper. Such a short time. He came as  a small kitten from a rescue centre, but within a few days, it was clear that not all was well with him and a congenital disorder meant that he was put down by the vet. I could hardly believe how much grief I felt for a kitten I’d only know a few days.

After Kipper came the current crew – Parker, a very bad tempered adolescent cat. But she loves me and I her. She never quite forgave Mr Stripey Pants or Brian for moving in with us. She’s kind of a one woman cat. Brian & Mr SP are pictured during one of the grooming sessions that Mr SP deems necessary to make Brian presentable. He may well be right.

There’s a LOLcat in that pic somewhere!

And of course, there’s Mojo. But he’s been photographed so much, he’s practically got his own website. Magic Mojo. He’s some cat. He’s the one with me in the banner at the top of the page. Quite a unique cat. But aren’t they all.

For all their size, they’ve each left an indelible mark on me.

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5 thoughts on “The cats who changed my life.

    • Thank you! I saw your blog and like your LOL idea for helping people identify with your foster cats. I also saw about your art auction. I don’t know if they would be any use to you, but I have three pictures (approx 30x 45 cms) on exhibition display board from three of my designs (Brokeback Mouser, Hound Dog and The Santa Claws). You can see them on the range page for Magic Mojo (called after one of our cats, who’s the star!) at I’d be happy to send them for you to auction – you probably don’t have many submissions from Ireland!
      Good luck with the fostering and the auction. – not sure I would be able to part with a cat I fostered – I just fall for them all.

      • Deidre –

        That would be amazing! Thank you so much for thinking of our Art Auction. It is the biggest fundraiser of the year for city kitties, and it allows us to save and vet many of our kitties. I can almost guarantee that we don’t have any submissions from Ireland – we are a mostly local organization. You can email me at if you want me to try arrange shipping for you.

        You are right that it is really, really difficult to part with foster pets. I actually was fostering dogs for a while, and now I have two “failed” fosters that are my forever dogs (Nadia and RJ). Max and Angel are super sweet cats, and it will be very difficult to part with them – but finding good homes for them will allow us to help more kitties.

      • Consider them yours. Just tell me where to send them. And incase anyone asks, no cats were stressed out in the making of these images! We have stunt doubles, believe it or not. A Shrek toy and a Marie plush cat from the Aristocats. Seriously!
        Hope they make lots of money for you. Let me know if they sell!

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