Confession 1

My name is Deirdre, and I’m a cat-aholic.

It’s been 14 minutes since I last kissed a cat.

I used to tell people that I had 2 and a half cats, cos three just seemed a little excessive. By that I mean, two is ok, but you’re really letting the cat out of the bag (so to speak) if you say you have three. There is no hope that you could ever be anything other than a confirmed cat person with three. So I look forward to an old age, doting over my feline friends, courting controversy all the while…..You know what I mean – cat-aphobes, dog lovers, the occasional farmer…..

This blog has been prompted by the fact that I have suddenly realised the truth in the statement that dogs have owners and cats have staff. Well, let me correct my earlier statement: Three cats have me.

I am their caterer, cleaner, health care facilitator and now, their business manager.

This is my story….

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