Giveaway: Cat Cards From Tranquil Space Designs


Running a giveaway with the lovely Dianda at this week. Go check it out!

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I think every cat person should own a set of these amazing Mojo cards! These cute cards are made by Tranquil Space Designs. The Mojo cards are cards that have movie (-covers) with cats on them. Think about Mogs in Black, the Three Muscateers and the Great Catsby.

Tranquil Space Design and I thought it would be a great idea to do a giveaway for all you awesome readers. So, do you like movies ánd cats? Then this is the right giveaway for you!

What Can You Win?

We are giving away two sets of cards (each set has 12 cards).

Cult Kitties
As the title says, these furry cards are a bit more… Culty.

Cult Kitties
Kitty Classics
The classics are more literature or from old movies.

Kitty Classics 12Two sets of cards? Means we’re going to have 2 winners!

What Do You Have To Do?

It’s pretty simple!

All you have…

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It Was A Privilege

Where do I start?

How do I measure it all?

14 years of love and loyalty. 14 years of velvet purring. Countless furballs.

But now she’s gone.

It was a thyroid op that collapsed the house of cards. An over active thyroid had caused noticeable weight-loss, and when we corrected that, the underlying lymphoma became all too obvious.

The thyroid surgery was about a week and a half ago. The vet expected her to recover quickly. But a week later, she was far worse. Weight loss continued. Apathy. Exhaustion and who knows what else. I asked them to admit her over the weekend to see if it was post-op infection, but an ultrasound this morning showed that her kidneys were enlarged beyond anything we could resolve. One way or another, it was only a matter of time.

I had to push myself through a forcefield to walk into the vet’s.  I knew that I would go in alone and come out alone. They let me hold her and talk to her for a while. But it wasn’t her. The Parker I knew had left the building some time ago.

In a way, that made it easier. I could see that there was no love of life in her. She wasn’t clinging to this world in the way that those who see hope do.

So I said what I had to, thanked her for staying close for 14 years, when nothing bound her to me but herself. Then I watched them squeeze the pink liquid into the tube,and watched the little that was left drain away.

It was hard to leave. Even when she was an empty shell, I was still tied to her.

I know friends will read this, and commiserate. For this I thank you. But, please, please though, no talk of rainbow bridges.

I was privileged to have known her. I am privileged to feel this pain in loss. All is as it should be.

Anyway, she hasn’t left me. She’s just not here.

S.O.S. Well, actually, more like S.O.K

Every one! I need help! Not for me personally, but read on, and you’ll find out.

Bear with me for the back story.

Mojo, as you may know, is a rescue kitty. It’s my preferred method of cat-get. Considering Mojo’s *furnomenal* stardom, he and I felt that it behooved him to help kitties who were less fortunate, and possibly less talented than himself.

Through the wonders of Social Media, we have made contact with a very dedicated group of cat rescue volunteers, at Ward End Cat Rescue. This bijou groupette is based in Birmingham, and for the last fourteen years, they have been caring for and rehoming unwanted and abandoned cats. That deserves a round of appaws, no?

Moral support is all well and good, but it doesn’t really pay for kibble, now does it? So, here’s the massive favour that I’m asking for:

I am giving 10% of my sales to Ward End when you enter the code WE10 when at checkout my site This will AUTOMATICALLY generate a donation to help with food and vets bills at Ward End. If you can re-post this information in some way, you will generate untold eons of good Kitty Karma. Put it on Facebook, twitter, what ever you use. We need to get the word out.

I mean, ideally, everyone who reads this would be able to give a home to a kitty at Ward End, or put an end to the ruthless dumping of cats and kittens by heartless humans. But a good second option would be to tell everyone you know – especially UK based cat lovers – about this initiative.

You’ve seen some of Mojo’s card designs on this site, but the offer also applies to our other ranges, including Twinkle Twinkle light up cards, art cards and kid’s birthday cards.

Selection of our designs

In the last week, Ward End have rescued, amongst others,  a snow white lady called Alpine and her two week old kittens who were dumped in a park; a cat and kitten who were dumped in a box outside their door; two kittens and their pregnant mother, who were living in filthy conditions. Apart from accommodation and food, these cats need medical attention. The volunteers do what they can, but resources are scarce, and at breaking point.

Seven week old Rosco, dumped with his mother in a cardboard box outside Ward End.

Alpine, dumped in a park with her two week old kittens, because her owner ‘no longer wanted the responsibility’.

Generate good Kitty Karma if you can, and help us to help them.

Thank you so much for reading,


- What’s the code again? WE10. Say it with me: WE10. Eons of good Kitty Karma.

Or if you’d rather, go direct to Ward End’s site, where you can donate by PayPal. All streams lead to the ocean!

What Do You Mean, You Don’t Speak Cat?

Something just happened that made me think about the amount of communication between us and our cats. I caught Zizou in the corner of my eye, hesitating at the entrance to the office. So, I turned and said hi to him, at which point his whole demeanour changed and he came to enjoy a bit of hand on head. He clearly knew that my words / tone meant that I was pleased to see him and I was open to interaction. We’ve got broad-stroke understanding of what the other is expressing. Much like any communication with someone who speaks another language (my six-year old boy for instance).

There are clearly certain sounds that are learned through repetition. Whatever your personal food call is, for instance. And Parker and I have an approach signal. If I’m doing the inviting, I need to scratch my leg before she’ll come up. If she’s announcing that she’ll come, it’s a little chirrup. Mr Stripey Pants totally says thanks when I open the door for him. Interestingly, it’s the only thing that warrants such manners…..

All this communication is about need or interaction.

Pretty basic stuff.

But what I really want is to hear their thoughts. Or are they as Zen as they appear?

Answers on a postcat…..

Cat Opera: It’s Not Just Me.

See? I’m not the only one obsessed by the vocal acrobatics of Cat Opera. Still not as good as the real thing….

Cat Duet reposted from youtube via Jenn Tan on Pinterest